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Serious Flirt
The painter Susan Wanklyn hits a heartening stride with her recent abstractions at A.M. Richard Fine Art. Making significant gains in space (airy), approach (casual) and surface (lustrous, translucent and layered), she's more in tune with playful complexity. Employing stenciled geometric forms, Ms. Wanklyn obscures and accentuates bopping arrays of clumpy rectangles. Having burrowed under Modernist abstraction, she comes out refreshed and light on her feet. That Ms. Wanklyn remains serious, steadfast and true while flirting with silliness, cute and kitsch points to an artist who pursues contradiction and, more importantly, catches up with it. Susan Wanklyn: Paintings in a Room is at A.M. Richard Fine Art, 328 Berry Street, Brooklyn, until Nov. 11.

Review by Seth Curcio

Review by Ezhra Jean Black

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Best in Show

Recommendations by R.C. Baker

Jill Freedman and Andrew Garn

Prior to the Disneyfication of Times Square (and before the laptop's isolating, clammy glow), you went to 42nd Street to share porn with your fellow citizens. In the '70s and '80s, photographers Freedman and Garn documented the hardcore hijinks at the crossroads of the world. "We work six shows a night. . . . If I come every show I can't wake up in the morning," reads the testimonial caption under Garn's nude portrait of Show World performers Diane and her beau Stix. In 1984, Freedman found a man on the street wearing a beret and holding a hand-lettered "Save Our Sleaze" sign. Whether capturing feminists marching against pornography (Freedman) or a preacher in a white suit Magic-Markered with his sermon (Garn), each artist discovered powerful compositions amid the Naked City's 8 million stories. A.M. Richard, 328 Berry St, Brooklyn, 917-570-1476. Through May 20.

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